Property is the most expensive investment a person will make in their life time. Whether that’s renting, buying, leasing, or short term holiday lets.  We believe that every person should enjoy the place they live in, whether that’s short term or long term. Bazaar Properties was established to provide that excellent quality home and we pride ourselves in providing not only excellent, high quality, comfortable homes but that they continue to be homes of high quality.

We  care about our tenants, our guests and landlords.

We also specialise in working with investors at all levels in providing high returns whilst protecting their assets. From joint ventures to managing refurbishments and managing the properties.  If you would like to discuss this further then please get in touch.


Bazaar Properties  has a mixture of 

  • Short term Holiday Lets
  • Rentals
  • Sales 
  • Purchase of Own Property
We have grown and developed our own in house refurb team that work efficiently and to the highest standards, complying with all regulations. We have worked on our own properties as well as investor properties.
We have a selection of lovely high quality homes that are listed for Sales, Rentals and Short Term Rentals, ideal for those working in the area or visiting for business or pleasure.
The North West has incredible growth predictions especially as the HS2 investment plans go ahead giving Crewe and the surrounding areas in particular an ideal hot spot area connecting the North to the South.

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